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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Is He Becoming The Most Hated PM In The World ?- His Head Gets Removed From A Billboard Poster

I received this via WhatsApp message.  I think it is going viral. You can click on the link.  It is a story on suaratv.org. 

It is a news report with a video attached which shows some people climbing up a huge billboard stretched across some major six or eight lane hiway.  The video is also available on YouTube as you can see here:

Link :  https://youtu.be/kGHgWU8fV0o

The Billboard has a huge picture of the PM.  There is really heavy traffic zipping left and right.  Plus it is at night.

The people in the video then proceed to cut off the PM's head from that huge poster.

Here is a comment that I received along with the WhatsApp message above.

"Perbuatan buang gambar   PM dari billboard seperti ini belum pernah berlaku lagi dlm sejarah negara sejak merdeka.  Kerja panjat billboard yang tinggi lagi merbahaya ini kerana nak buang gambar PM merupakan satu petanda bagaimanakah tahap perasaan rakyat terhadap PM sekarang ini,  hingga sanggup buat kerja dengan aksi yang berani macam ini."

Indeed it is quite a foolhardy and over daring thing to climb up a Billboard across a highway at night to take off the PM's head from a huge poster.

But it goes to show the peoples' hatred towards the PM.  
As the accompanying comment says things like this have never happened before since the time of our independence.

The end is nigh.

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