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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

DAP ‘thanks’ Umno for giving Dr M free publicity in Pekan

(From left) Pahang DAP deputy chairman M Manogaran, PH chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Mahathir’s wife Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali at a meeting in Kuantan before the ceramah in Pekan tonight.
KUANTAN: Pahang DAP deputy chairman M Manogaran has expressed gratitude to Pahang Umno Youth for providing what he called “free promotion” for Pakatan Harapan (PH) chairman Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s ceramah this evening.
This comes after Pekan Umno division committee member Abdul Rahim Yahya was reported as saying that it was better for Mahathir’s programme to be cancelled as there was widespread dissatisfaction towards the PPBM chairman in Pekan where Prime Minister Najib Razak is the MP.
“I think it’s better if the programme can be cancelled. There are going to be problems, there will be fights,” he was reported as saying.
Speaking to FMT, Manogaran said the response on the ground had picked up, adding that Umno had unwittingly helped Mahathir promote the event.
“We spoke to some people and they’re happy and they want to see Tun,” he said.
“Before the ‘warning’, the response was slow but because Umno was making noise, it looks like there’s going to be a big crowd tonight.”
Manogaran, who is also DAP’s former candidate for Cameron Highlands, said he believed Mahathir’s presence would deal a huge blow to Barisan Nasional in Pekan and Pahang as a whole.
“We’ll find out for sure depending on the crowd size tonight.”
Pahang PH held a meeting at the Chatayana Hotel here today with Mahathir prior to his ceramah, which is set to take place in Chini, Pekan.
Apart from Mahathir and his wife Dr Siti Hasmah Mohamad Ali, several of the state’s PH leaders were present along with their respective committee members.
When asked why he had come to Pekan, Mahathir replied: “Najib has paid me a visit to Langkawi, so I’m obliged to visit Pekan.” -FMT

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