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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


1. Why BN will get kicked out.

Folks,  look at these pictures. The first three pictures are from a Pakatan Harapan rally in Batu Pahat on 22nd February, 2018.  The crowd is unbelievable.

I hope these are real pictures. There is a PAS flag somewhere there. That PAS flag is a protest flag. The local PAS do not agree with Bawang.

The  following two pictures are from Teluk Intan. It is another recent Pakatan Harapan event, a Chinese New Year Open House :

These are big turnouts.  Considering that Parliament has NOT been dissolved yet, these folks have not turned out just to listen to the entertainment. These people are making a statement.

And the crowd is a good mixed crowd. 

Next up is this video from Sempoerna in Sabah.  I hope you can play it.


The Suluk people are marching in protest against UMNO / BN in Sempoerna.  The text that came with this video says that the Suluks  feel insulted to be called Melayu.  That is a new development.

These things did not happen before.  The BN and particularly UMNO is going to get booted out. Their days are really numbered. 

That extreme view that UMNO / BN may only secure 9 - 12 Parliamentary seats sounds incredulous but who knows.  Lets really hope so.

Johor, UMNO's  birthplace  appears vulnerable. Also there is internal sabotage going on by Jawa Man to knock out Hishamuddin Hussein Onn in Johor.  They do not mind if UMNO loses Johor.  Just to get rid of H2O.

2. Why a two party system will not happen.

The most critical element of the coming General Elections is not just Pakatan Harapan's impending win.  There is something even more significant than that.  The Malaysian political landscape has already changed and it will be confirmed in the coming elections. 

What has changed?

There will be no more any one single political party that will win a huge chunk of Parliamentary seats.  

In the past UMNO has won 88 Parliamentary seats, over 95 seats etc.  As a result of which UMNO has had a stranglehold over the BN and over the affairs of this nation.

That era has come to an end.  

I doubt UMNO will retain more than 40 Parliamentary seats in the next elections. (If they can get past that 9 - 12 seats scenario).

On the BN side, after UMNO their next largest party is PBB in Sarawak with 14 Parliamentary seats.  

After UMNO, the second largest party in Parliament is the DAP with 38 seats.  It is possible that the DAP will increase this to say 40 - 45 seats in the next Parliament.  

Parti Pribumi Bersatu is contesting 52 seats. Even if they win all, they will only have 52 seats. 

PKR is contesting 51 seats on the Peninsula.  Their pass rate is less than 30%. 

Amanah is contesting 27 seats.

No single party in Pakatan will be able to have more than 50 seats.

This means that politics in Malaysia will no more be dominated by any one single party.  

Even if the BN wins the next GE - an unlikely event - UMNO will not have the clout of 88 seats or 95 seats anymore.   UMNO may not have more than 40 seats.

This means Malaysian politics will become real 'coalition politics'.

Since there will be no more over representation by any one large party in Parliament, political parties will really hold each other by the cojones. 

Political coalitions will rise and fall, even if say a single component pulls out of  or joins a coalition. 

This means that coalition partners must really listen to each other and really "accomodate" all views.

This will be extremely good for Malaysia. 
That is why I always keep saying, there is a great future for our country folks. 
Have faith in ourselves.  
There is a great future for our country.

Politics will move away from race, religion and language to a more realistic and useful convergence of issues like corruption,  economy, education, safety in our streets, towns and homes, national  security, defense of the borders, immigration,  efficient transportation, the GST, taxation,   deregulation of the economy, public hygiene, clean environemnts,  housing,  etc etc.  

You know real issues. Bread and butter issues.

Hang punya ketuanan semua hang pi  letak dalam pungk_k hang.

There will be no need for a two party or three party system. 

There will only be coalition politics. 
And members of any ruling coalition will join or leave a coalition  according to their self interests. 
Not because of partisan politics.

And we already have a situation where political parties can be allied with or against each other at Federal and State levels.

PAS for example may form a coalition with UMNO / BN at the Federal level BUT sit in the Opposition at the State level. 

Crazy as it sounds this is already happening.   

At the State level, UMNO Kelantan refuses to cooperate with PAS Kelantan but at the Federal level PAS and UMNO are working together in Parliament.  

In Sarawak, even  the Sarawak BN has made it plain and simple that they will work with whoever wins Putrajaya - as long as the interests of the people of  Sarawak are served well.  This is a fair  and clever statement.

Who knows, other parties including Pakatan parties,  may do this as well.

One possible candidate is the PKR - who may throw in their lot with 'other' parties.

So there will be no need for a two party or three party system.

As I said, the political landscape in Malaysia has changed completely.

Now lets see why this has happened.  

Look at that video above very carefully. 
Those are Suluk people in Sempoerna. 
They are really protesting against UMNO.
They feel insulted to be called Malays.
Meaning they do not wish to be identified with U.M.N.O. 
UMNO moved into Sabah sometime ago.  
That was a big mistake by UMNO. 

Everything has to do with the pocket and money.
Before it was worth money to be a Malay and/or join UMNO. 
Now not anymore. 

The problem is the price of oil. 
Before the oil price was good. 
And the government was much cleverer. 

UMNO dished out money to Malays /  bumiputras. 
Projects, contracts, subsidies, grants, licenses.
You just had to be a Malay/bumiputra.
All made possible by the abundance of oil money.  

Everyone wanted to be a Malay / bumiputra.
Mamaks wanted to be Malays. 
Malabars wanted to be Malays. 
Suluks wanted to be Malays. 
Chinese wanted to be Malays. 
Indians wanted to be Malays. 
Even DJ Dave became a Malay.

I know of two mamak fellows who hired ostard wal retards as Chairman of their companies just to get that Malay / bumiputra status.  

One of them paid an ostard wal retard money just to get a bumiputra recognition at the Ministry of Finance 'contracts division'.  

Another mamak hired Haron Jin as his company chairman to get bumiputra preferential treatment with MAS (under Tajuddin Ramli).

So at that time, to be a Malay meant easy money.

Those days are gone. 
The oil money has slowed down a lot.
The queue for buta money is getting longer and longer.

Plus UMNO will likely lose its 88 seats or 95 seats in Parliament - for ever.
Now it will have to be real coalition politics.  
No more bulldozing issues.

No more easy money for just one group or for the cronies. Hopefully.
Malay / bumiputra will no more be synonymous with easy money.  
Hence UMNO is less attractive.

Plus there is the stealing, the cheating and the lying.

The Sarawakians are right. Oil was discovered in Sarawak before Dubai. 
Dubai is now a metropolis.
Sarawak is still a Third World  backwater.
Same with Sabah.
What happened to their oil? 

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