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10 APRIL 2024

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

China Amends Rules To Keep Xi Jinping Beyond Two Terms

The Communist Party Of China has decided to amend its constitution to allow President Xi Jinping to be reappointed as President beyond his second term which ends in 2023.

This is a really big event that will have a huge impact on China and the rest of the world.   I believe it will be a positive impact.

China's Xi Jinping stay in power indefinitely under proposed changes to constitution

ruling Communist Party proposed scrapping 10-year term limit for President
move certain to be written into country's constitution in March
President Xi Jinping to continue as head of state beyond 2023
proposal to be passed by Parliament early March
Xi has "much greater power than Vladimir Putin"
64-yr old continue as head of state and Communist Party General Secretary 

also Chairman of China's Central Military Commission — does not have term limit

Communist Party's Central Committee proposed amendment

along with writing Xi's ideology into country's constitution

proposal to be passed by Parliament early March

thousands of web users posted supportive comments on social media platform

Meet China's leaders

Communist Party elite seven mens' decisions impact China and world

2020 to 2035 crucial for China to realise socialist modernisation 
China and CPC need stable, strong, consistent leadership

He can dismiss anyone
He can make new laws
much greater power than Putin

paramount leaders like Mao and Deng maintained supreme authority 
Xi has made international diplomacy major pillar of his leadership

sign of not leaving anything to chance

My comments :  They do not have to worry about this until 2023.  They still have FIVE years left. But in typical Chinese foresight, they are making it known FIVE YEARS ahead that Xi JinPing will begin his THIRD TERM as president in 2023.

This only can happen when the Chinese realise that they have a superstar on their hands and the superstar must be allowed to work for China for a little while longer.

So everyone can adjust their calendars and appointment books until 2028. 

The Chinese are undertaking never ending changes to their nation, society and their politics.  I believe that China will one day become a full fledged free market economy. They are almost there already.  This means that they must also become a full fledged democracy. One man one vote with a multiple party system.  

Since the 18th century, world powers that are full fledged democracies have caused more havoc, murder and mayhem in the world than Genghis Khan and Attila The Hun. And this mayhem is still continuing.  These democracies now have aircraft carriers and nuclear weapons. I dread to see China going loco after (and if) they become a full fledged democracy.

The Chinese are also undertaking a massive modernisation of their military and China is going blue ocean in their foreign policy.  They want an experienced skipper to navigate through the open ocean.

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