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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Yoursay: Is Najib’s RM2.6b donor a M’sian like Kuok?

YOURSAY | Robert Kuok probably doesn't even know Nazri exists.
Lone Star: A civil person wouldn’t stoop to Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz’s level. Calling Malaysia’s foremost tycoon Robert Kuok “pondan” (effeminate) and “ayam betina” (hen) only reveals what Nazri actually is.
Plus, Nazri shouldn’t call anyone coward when he himself refuses to debate a nonagenarian. At 92 years old, Pakatan Harapan chairperson Dr Mahathir Mohamad has more salt in his rice than you lot have in your quinoa.
Gerard Lourdesamy: Is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s RM2.6 billion Saudi donor also going to contest in the 14th general election?
This is just more of the same race-baiting election propaganda to pit the Chinese against the Malays. Umno has nothing else to offer after 60 years, apart from suspicion and hate.
Plus, Kuok would be the last person to be interested in the outcome of GE14. He is a businessperson first and foremost. As far as Kuok is concerned, Nazri doesn’t even exist.
Unspin: Really, I don't understand why they are gunning for Kuok. If they wanted some of the Chinese community to support BN, this will surely backfire.
Presumably, they have already given up on the Chinese community so they are basically throwing more mud at the DAP, hoping that the Malays will be frightened off.
Whatever it is, Umno is the godfather of gutter politics and fake news.
Spinnot: The "follow-up actions" by the two Umno ministers in response to the two so-called "reports" seem to be going according to script.
In any case, Nazri should realise that he cannot accuse Kuok of hiding in Hong Kong - not when he is clearly there for its conducive business environment - when the story he is reacting to was fabricated by someone hiding in the UK.
Pastor of Muppets: This attack seems too stupid to be taken at face value. Surely something else is afoot.
Is Nazri trying to get the Chinese voters to turn away from BN, just so it won’t get its two-thirds majority, which will force the Umno Supreme Council to boot Najib out?
After all, an Umno shake-up is the only way Nazri is ever going to rise. He is past his sell-by date.
TC Chan: Is BN a house in disarray or desperate, or both?
Why when Johor BN don’t believe claims against Kuok, Nazri has to go on an uncouth rant because of some story from the already tarnished blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK), soon after Najib said Umno is to be credited for Kuok’s wealth.
How is Kuok involved in any of the petty squabbling over scraps here? He left Malaysia because he didn't think our politicians could hack it, or that our policies are gold standard.
Once the government was afraid of the colour yellow, of cartoonists, of satire, of balloons, and a few old men. Soon it will be afraid of its own shadow.
Wong Fei Hoong: Nazri, you are a disgrace. If not for Kuok helping out BN in the earlier days, you wouldn’t have been around.
Unlike Kuok, you didn’t amass your wealth through hard work and smarts, but through handouts from your party. Maybe the minister is just jealous of Kuok’s wealth.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: If Kuok can make it big in Hong Kong and Singapore, he proved that he is a real man, capable of taking on giants. It doesn’t sound very “cowardly” to me.
As for Nazri, he only talks big at home, and even then, only in front of his captive supporters. When challenged for a debate by an old man, he chickened out.
He says that donating to DAP is not against the law. Then why go into this foul-mouthed tirade? Kuok did not rob anyone, and how he spends his money is none of anyone’s business.
More importantly, his money is 100 percent kosher, unlike a certain RM2.6 billion “donation.”
Anonymous 2436471476414726: Even if Kuok made the donation as alleged, the money is from his own hard work, not stolen from the Malaysian people.
The same parties kicking up a fuss now were alarmingly quiet when the RM2.6 billion which was mysteriously “donated” into the prime minister’s bank accounts, just in time for the last general election.
Roar For Truth: It sad to see cabinet ministers responding to fake news without using their brains, and embarrassing Malaysians again.
Why would multi-billionaire Kuok fund DAP when it would make better business and political sense to fund Mahathir and Bersatu for future business opportunities?
Even if DAP wins all the seats they are contesting, they can never form the federal government without bumiputera-majority political parties.
Hp Looi: Looking at Nazri and his son, I am reminded of what Stephen Colbert says, “The douche does not fall far from the bag.”
From Nazri’s statement itself, I hope Chinese ambassador Bai Tian can understand why MCA is hated by the very community they purport to defend and protect.
Remember, you do not need to alienate the local populace if you want to promote “soft power.”
Unta Senyum: If what Kuok did or said was so wrong, why doesn’t Nazri rebut him point by point?
But he has to resort to insults, ridicule, emotional outbursts, vulgarity, threats, fighting cock talks, irrational challenges...
But what am I saying? Of course, he has to - he is a Malaysian minister, after all.- Mkini

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